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Easy Way to Dress Up Laundry Room Makeover


The laundry room is one of the crucial space in your room. It’s a place where you throw away your dirty clothes. In this room, there are washer and dryer (if you’re lucky enough). A laundry room shouldn’t have to be a large space either. Then, how to dress up your laundry room?

Million laundry makeover ideas you can apply to your laundry. It is not easy yet not difficult too in beautifying your kitchen. It’s optional for you, whether you will makeover your laundry room in any design and decoration in modern, rustic or countryside design. Thus, today I will show you some kitchen makeover ideas that inspire you. Let’s take a peek.

01. Repurposed Goods


You don’t have a laundry room? Utilizing an unused goods to make a laundry room seems chic then dress it up with any decor ideas. This laundry room makeover includes shelving to store your laundry items. To make it looks appealing, you can store string wall art and you could also cover the lamp with a basket.

02. Rustic Decoration


If you like everything about rustic, you can display any rustic decoration to your laundry room makeover. There are tons of rustic decoration, you can make it by yourself or buy it on the market. A rusty basket and iron vase can bring a rustic vibe to your laundry room.

03. Install TIle


To dress up your laundry room, you also can install tile flooring. So many tile flooring patterns you can pick. This tile flooring makes your laundry room seems intriguing and organized. This laundry room also looks eye-catching from the great unity from white paint wall, black cabinet and wooden shelving which have earthy color.

04. Add Curtain


Do we need a curtain for a laundry room? Yes! This curtain can do double desk besides to cover the window it can also be a decoration to your laundry room. You can match the color of the curtain with the wall paint, thus it’ll create such a perfect unity.

05. Install Sink


Another way to makeover your laundry room is not all about installing decoration. You could also install a sink to your bathroom. You can store it besides the washer (it’s optional). The sink looks modern and chic with a simple design and it makes the laundry room looks appealing.

06. Brighten Up


You need to brighten up your laundry room. There are many ways to brighten up it, installing a lamp to the laundry room. Installing a hanging scone lighting will bring rustic-farmhouse to your laundry room. Yet, if you have another choice to install any kind of lighting you can have it.

07. Hanger


You need a hanger in your laundry room. You can use this hanger to hang your clean clothes, coat and another one. The unique from this laundry room is it can be hidden out.

08. Install Wallpaper


Besides, to dress up your laundry room, you can install wallpaper. The wallpaper will help you create an appealing appearance to your laundry room and make it looks organized. There is so many wallpaper design for a laundry room you can select.

With these inspiring ideas, you can turn your ordinary laundry room into such an appealing laundry room by investing any decoration ideas. Try at home and have fun!

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