Easy Ways To Clean Grout On Your Floor Surface

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Clean and fresh looking tile on floors, walls, and counters is free from grout. Even, the tile resists from dirt and stains. Therefore, the grout still can grow because absorbs dirt and spills. It’s results that your tile will stained easily.

In a kitchen, spills often blame as dirty grout. Then, in the bathroom any residue from soap and mold would cause a grout. This condition force you to clean it as soon as you can.

So, if you are confuse on how to clean grout on your home. Here i would like to give you a tips. Check this out

01. Steps On Facing The Grout

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Begin your cleaning activities with rub the grout with hot water to clean the dirt and grime from the surface. Then, spray a cleaner liquid on the grout. You might mix your own cleaner by 50-50 mixture between vinegar and water in spray bottle. After that, you should spray on the grout, then let the cleaner stand around five minutes. Then, rib them with a soft brush. You might use a toothbrush or other small scrub brush to rib the grout.

Further, if you need extra scrubbing power, you can use an electric toothbrush. avoid to use metal brush, cause it would leave a scratch.

Then, when you completes those steps you might use hot water to rinse it.

02. Another Option Of Cleaner

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Beside vinegar mixture, you might use commercially grout cleaners or diluted bleach as an options. There is an instruction on how to clean grout with that effectively. Careful on using this kind of cleaner. Because, it will erode the grout.

03. Further Cleaning On the Grout

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If you found out a stubborn grout stains, you can transform a paste of two parts baking soda then mix it with one part water.  Apply the cleaner to the stain, let it work overnight. Finish your work with scrub nylon brush. Rinse them entirely with hot water.

04. Special Case Cleaning

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For coarse or porous tile surface. Less acidic cleaner is a perfect solution instead of using vinegar that potentially stain the tile.

Another option is try to mix one part of peroxide and two parts of baking soda then scrub the grout with a soft brush to clean it.

Understand how to clean grout on tile will help you to avoid of damaging the tile floor surface.

05. The Benefit Of Sand Paper And Top Eraser

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The last suggestion on remove stains from grout, you can use sandpaper to remove any stains on the grout. Fold the sandpaper and put on the creased edge back and forth along with the grout line.

Then, the other choices is using a pencil top eraser, Rub the pencil back on the forth then put it on the grout line. After that you may finish your work through rinse them with hot water.

06. Finishing Step

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When you are done with cleaning, let them dry about 24 hours. After that you might use a silicone based grout to avoid of any future stains

In short, Knowing how to clean dirty grout improves the look and extends the life of your tile.

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