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Excellent Ways to Get Hidden Bed for Guest


How do you hide your bed for your guests? Sometimes, for some people who live in less space, they need to get extra effort to hide their beds, especially for guests. And many people stay in a small space than a big one. Thus, if you are staying in a home with a small floor area, you will end up gazing into ways on how to save space. Well, these are hidden bed ideas you can have for your guests.

01. In a Cabinet


This first hidden bed has a chic and warm scheme. This unique hidden bed can be hidden in the cabinet, it has also sliding door, so you’ll never know that there is a bed inside the cabinet. This adds charm to the area. When you put up the bed, all you can see is an ordinary cabinet.

02. In a Cupboard


The second one, this hidden bed also adds appeal to your room. If you don’t have enough space to store your guest’s bed, this cupboard can be a hideout for your bed. Yes, it is indeed reasonable to get this idea. It is a great idea for you who live in a small apartment.

03. Hideout Bed


This wall hidden bed will not consume much space in your room. You can put up the bed simply. When you fold the bed you just see the wooden wall. It is one of the smart hidden bed and it’s also affordable.

04. Push It Away


Next, you can even add a hidden bed into your bedroom area. This hidden bed could be pushed easily from the cupboard. Besides, there is storage to put your collection of books. This brings in more exciting and fun bedding.

05. Behind the Wall


If you are staying in a small apartment, you can utilize the wall space to hide a bed. You can use the sofa bed in the day then you can have a bed in the night. This hidden bed is a great idea for you. It is easy to put up and you will see enormous storage.

06. Hide It with Curtain


Looking crowded and cluttered in your living room? You can hide your guest’s bed using a curtain. If you place your bed in the living room or family room, it’s much better to make it covered. Use a curtain to hide them, thus your room will not look cluttered and messy.

07. Under The Home Office


Build a hidden bed sometimes is difficult due to your less space. Don’t be worried, you can build a hidden bed paired with a home office. How could it be? Ya, you can build a hidden bed under the home office. It is looking incredible and bringing in more festive bedding.

Mostly, all of the rooms can be used as a living space during the day and a bedroom during the night. Is it possible right? So, which one do you love the most? You can share your opinion in the comments below!

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