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Get Creative With These DIY Shelf Ideas


Inviting DIY shelf for any kind reason, whether to put books, decorations or photos could be fun. Instead of buying a new shelf on the market, it’s better to make it by yourself. Tons of DIY shelf you can find on the internet. It’s your time to make your shelf by DIY. It’s optional for you, whether you like to redesign or build the new one. Working together with your spouse will be more fun and exciting. For more detailed information, you can take a pick of these photos!

01. DIY Corner Shelf


First of all, I’d like to show you this corner shelf. If you have a corner space, you can utilize it to store a shelf. Looking chic with simple design can attract your room. You can use a wooden board and stain them up in white color to get a clean look. It looks simple yet resulting in beauty.

02. DIY Multifuntion Shelf


This desk has a double-job. It plays role as a shelf and desk as well. For those who like to build a shelf and desk, you should have this! You can place your photo frame on the wall space inside the shelf. Besides, it can be installed in your living room instead of your bedroom.

03. DIY Triangle Shelf


This desk made special for those need something new. This triangle shelve could look fascinating where you can store them on the wall in diverse directions. Besides, in creating this shelf, you can color it up with two different colors. The result is so eye-catching.

04. DIY Old-Fashioned Shelf


Inviting vintage feel with old-fashioned to your shelf. This shelf is very simple, with no color yet incredible. The design is modern using wood as the elements. Place this shelf in the bedroom, living room or (even) dining room. Don’t forget to add any decoration, like a basket and greenery to complete it.

05. DIY Wooden Beam Shelf


Looking aged, rustic and very nice. Using wooden beams to make a shelf is a great idea. It can create something new and festive shelving. It takes no time to make this wooden beam shelf. You can make it during your weekend or your free time after working. Install this shelf in your dining or kitchen space.

06. DIY Pallet Shelf


Then, how about this? It also looks interesting, right? This shelf made of pallets that are arranged on wall space. No need to color them up to get such a stylish appearance due to it’s already pretty and chic to be shown off to your guests. It also eases you to store any kind of photography, greenery or other decoration.

07. DIY Tree Shelf


What else? A tree shelf in the corner of your room. Using a steam and wooden board you will get this tree shelf. This shelf is indeed looking aged yet incredible. It looks like a tree with its fruit (books). Place this desk beside your bed if you want to get more privacy.

08. DIY Upcycled Ladder Shelf


Give your room warm feel by installing this upcycled ladder shelf. Using upcycled ladder to build a shelf. This DIY ladder shelf is very easy to make and will not look cluttered in your room. It is affordable and moveable, so you can place anywhere you wish.

Updating your desk to be more attractive. Another way to upgrade your desk is using unused thing around you or if you want the new one, you can build the one one.

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