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How To Create Such A Stylish Living Room With These Farmhouse Furniture


The farmhouse is one of the most popular designs this day. Many people like to invite this design in their home. The farmhouse is associated with old, farmhouse environment, and it also looks a bit the same as rustic. Yet, in the farmhouse style, you can find that the furniture has already had finishing.

To create such a stylish living room with farmhouse design, you can buy any kind of farmhouse furniture. Plenty of farmhouse furniture you can buy in the furnishing store or you can make it by yourself. The farmhouse is all about something natural, simple and has earthy color. Well, given below some farmhouse furniture ideas that will inspire you. Check this out!

01. Coffee Table


One of the important pieces of furniture in a living room beside the sofa is the table. This coffee table is fit for your farmhouse living room. It looks very chic even though the table is not be stained up. You can add any greenery season or flower on this coffee table to get a more beautiful appearance.

02. Seat


If you feel bored with the sofa bed, you can change the sofa bed with this wooden seat. Made of wood and filled with a seat with a bed. Complete it with pillows too on the seat. Besides, you can add table decoration to make the living room look eye-catching. Add greenery season or another farmhouse table decoration.

03. Rattan Bench


Another piece of furniture you can store in the living room is a bench. Though bench often stored in outdoor space you can also place a bench in the living room. This bench is made of wood and rattan on the surface. Mix and match with the sofa bed can create a modern farmhouse style in your living room.

04. Ceiling Lighting


To light up your living room, you can install any lighting. There are many choices of farmhouse lighting for the living room. This ceiling light is also the best choice for you who like something vintage yet elegant and luxurious. It looks stunning with a tiny bulb.

05. Rough Texture


This living room filled with any farmhouse furniture and decoration. The sofa has an earthy color which is very pretty for your living room. Adding a wooden coffee table, candle holder and iron pot could be more very chic. Almost all furniture has a rough texture that very represents the farmhouse style.

06. Fireplace


What else we can add in the living room? You can add a fireplace. Most all farmhouse home design has a fireplace. The fireplace mantel is from painted brick and you can add decoration like a candle, greenery season and another decoration.

07. Stunning Cabinet


Looking for storage to store any decoration or collection you can buy this cabinet. It was a fun and cool color by being painted in a grey color. You can add a basket in this cabinet to store any stuff if you like. Then, store this cabinet in the corner of the room or any space you like in your living room.

08. Iron Wall Decor


For those who like something arty and vintage, you can decorate the wall space with any wall decor. You can DIY this wall decor has three-layer to store greenery season or another decoration. It looks cute and pretty. Then, you can add a number in each layer on the board.

09. Mix and Match Living Room


Warm and homely living room. By installing a sofa bed, iron coffee table with many storages, and large windows that allow the ray to go inside into your living room directly. It looks like the sunroom indeed. This could be a very warm living room.

Are you ready to dress up your living room by installing farmhouse furniture?

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