How To Remove Blood Stains On The Carpet In Easy Ways

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Blood Stains known as the most hardest stains to remove when it faces with clothes or carpets. Therefore, this situation is no longer scary.

Nowadays, there is a tricks on how to clean carpet with blood stains absorbed. You can use blood removal liquid. But, this tricks need a proper treatment on the cloth as promptly as possible.

Further, this situation also linked with another stained situation, which is the faster you act, the more effective the carpet stain removal will be.

Therefore, there a lot of other ways on how to clean carpet with blood stains. This article will present some tips on removing the blood stains on the carpet. All you need just read, remember, and practice. So, check this out.

01. Use Cold Water On Treating The Blood Spot On the Carpet

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This step is important to remember. Blood will coagulates with heat than, Cold water will prevent the blood from permeating in the carpets.

02. Make The Magic Liquid

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Fill a spray bottle with 2 tsp of a grease-fighting, liquid dish, detergent such as dawn and cold water. After that spray it on the stained area. Then, after the stained spot is moisten you need to make a sure that the entire spot is soaked. Use paper towel or a dry white cloth to transferred to stain to the cloth. The last one, you need to rinse it with cold water. Repeat it until the stain is dissapear.

03. Use Oxygenate

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Oxiclean is bleach free, then this liquid also able to oxygenate most carpet stains. Unfortunately, although oxiclean need warm water to be diluted, but you can use cold water and mix as well as you can. Then, drop the liquid on the blood stained spot, with it until dry, rinse, and repeat if necessary.

04. Remember It

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The last steps on how to remove the blood stains is remember the all steps. after several tries. your carpet should look like new again.

After all, Cleaning the blood stains is no longer scary. These tips is a proof that we can transform something scary to be something easy. Have a great day.

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