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How to Set Up A New Home-Working Space In Your Home

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On the previous article, we already talked about four consideration to find suitable places on establish the working space at home. Further, we notice that find the most suitable room for work is not an easy steps. Then, what will you do when you already find the room?

So, in this article, i would like to give further explanation on how to establish home office. This article will share an information on set up a home office after get the suitable room. So, check this out!

01. Paint The Room With A Color That Make You Feel Calm And Focused

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The home office will be the room that you will spend most on your time. Furthermore, it will be a place that will walking into every day.

Thus, pick a color that represents your taste and make you feel serene, such as blue and green or other natural colors.

you may add red to make you full power or splash yellow to increase your focus

02. Find The Comfortable Office Chair

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Since you are about to spend most your time to sit there. I suggest you to invest a dedicated ergonomic desk chair. To avoid of any further back pain.

03. Consider To A Standing Desk

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Whether you don’t want to spent your time on the desk chair all day or consider to save a little space. A Standing desk can be a good consideration to you.

04. Office Lamp

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Since you are going to build an office.

Set a Task lighting is important to you. Task lighting refers to light a specific area that could help you easier to complete your task.

In addition, you need to set a proper window to get natural lights also to make you stay healthy.

05. Set Your Computer Properly

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The proper way to stare on the screen for eight hours is just like this. The top of your computer screen should be placed on the eye level. Further, as you scan down, your eyelids will naturally close a little and moisten. This is proper to prevent your eyes from tiring and keep you on the good work pace.

06. List The Others Office Hardware That You Need

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Before you start operating your home-office, I suggest to you to make a list about what things that you needs on your office and help you to complete your daily task.

07. Figure The Office Software That You Need

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Before you build an office, maybe you already buy a perfect computer, printer, and keyboard.

However, it haven’t done yet then, you need to figure out what kind of software that you need.

If you do spreadsheet work and writing, then you need to buy proper license of microsoft office or open office, in the other hand, you can also optimize your G-based office.

Then, if you are graphic designer probably you will need adobe ilustrator, photoshop or corel darw.

Find some discount to make a sure that those software won’t costs you a lot.

08. Create The Work Zone

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Organizing your working space is important on how to establish home office. Make a separate area of working will help you to find a specific task that need to be complete as soon.

You may separate your working space to three different area like this

The main hub area consists of your working desk completes with your computer or phone.

The reference area linked with filing cabinets, folders, and any shelving units.

The last one is copy corner area that contains printers, scanner, and photocopy machine.

09. Office Plant To Make Your Home Office Atmosphere Fresh

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An “Office” known as the stressful area. Therefore, on how to establish home office, you need to consider to put any plants to make your office atmosphere fresh.

10. Set A Boundaries

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As soon there will be a distraction that can be vex to you. Then, set a boundaries is necessary. If you pet distract you so put them outside from the office. Therefore, you need to set a time for your friend visiting and etc.

In short, set an office at home should be considered of the positive and negative factors that can be impacted the process and the results a lot. Then, i hope these process won’t make you retreat on set an office at home. Have a great day!

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