How to Upgrade Your Bathroom Sink


When it comes to choosing a bathroom sink, it means you must think of the design, the size and also the colors of the sink. Whether rustic, farmhouse, countryside design you can choose freely the material, like wood, iron, or marble. Meanwhile, if you pick modern sink you will find a simple and practice design of the bathroom sink.

Installing bathroom sink with any design will make your bathroom looks more appealing due to the sink is one of the important components in your bathroom area. Thus, given below some ideas for you to pick which the best sink for your bathroom. Let’s have a look!

01. Floating Bathroom Design


When you prefer to have this floating bathroom design, it lets your bathroom area feel bigger. This bathroom sink has a square shape with a medium size. It is paired with a wooden countertop which makes looks more chic and modern.

02. Rustic Sink with Wall Pendant Lamp


For those who like a round-shaped sink, this white bathroom sink with a big mirror is a great choice for you. With simple design creates an elegant presence. Pairing with rustic vanity and wall pendant lamp. Put basket under the vanity to store tissue.

03. Minimalist Sink with Black Faucet


A white color for the bathroom sink will give a clean feel to your bathroom. This color comes in a variety of meaning. When you opt for this white sink to your bathroom you will get a simple and organized ambiance. Besides, these colors are suitable in any bathroom design.

04. Black and White Sink


For those who like black and white color, this black and white sink with a two faucet is a good idea for you. The design is very stylish which is combined with wall tile. Add greenery season like an indoor plant to make your bathroom feel fashionable.

05. Bathroom Sink with Mirrors


For some people who look for a bathroom sink for their small bathroom, they can pair with mirrors. Mirror gives a bigger feel for you if you have less space. You can pick whether round or square-shaped sink. This white color and modern design can work in any bathroom design. The design is mere yet resulting in beauty.

06. A Rectangle Bathroom Sink


This rectangle bathroom design is a common bathroom sink that people pick. It looks very appealing, chic and nice to all eyes. Being paired with the marble countertop that creates such incredible attention. Furthermore, to get a more appealing look in your bathroom, you can install tile flooring. The result is so pretty and stylish.

07. Bathroom Sink with Exposed Vanity


Two is better than one. You can have more than one sink for your bathroom. The design is very stylish which is combined with exposed vanity. Add some boxes to store your bathroom items and greenery to make your bathroom area looks natural.

08. Bowl Bathroom Sink


This bathroom sink indeed looks like a bowl. With mini size, round-shaped, earthy color and simple design. Opting this very unique style of sink into your bathroom can attract your bathroom presence. In the vanity, there is storage you can use to put your bathroom items.

Well, which one do you like the most? You can share it with us in the comments!

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