Incredible DIY idea on Creating Storage Benches

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Storage Bench presents extra seating space and extra stash place. Storage bench is suitable to place at the house with minimal space. Further, In this article 10 incredible idea of storage benches would be explained to you. Let’s check this out.

01. Stash Toy Box

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Collect toys, games and other playful gadget inside your house playroom with this clutter-clearing storage unit from A Beautiful Mess. You need to cut the frame from a 4 x 8 sheet plywood and combine with DPI board of lightweight sliding door.

02. Tiny Library

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This DIY idea of storage bench is amazing and suitable for bookworm. In addition, instead of create the large storage unit. Further, this idea of storage bench maintain the lower part of corner benches then, transforming to the bookshleves.

03. Inside Bench storage unit

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This idea of storage bench is suitable for those who has bench in the corner. You may transform the lower part or the inside part of the bench. All you need chop the upper part of the bench and put hinge under the top cover.

04. Shoe Heaven

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Transform lower part of your bench to be place to stash your shoes.

05. No More Mayhem in the Mudroom

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The other way to maintain the lower part of the bench is create the chicken wire storage unit. Moreover, combine them as additional place to stash basket bin.

06.  Wardrobe Makeover


If you have unused wardrobe table on the house. Then, you may transform it to this unusual bench with useful place for stash your stuff.

07. Aztec Pattern Storage

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DIY is not always create a new stuff. In the other hand, instead of create a new stuff, this DIY idea of storage unit transform the appearance of the bench and make it similar with the rug pattern.

08. Fun with foam

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Transform your ordinary bench corner to create this adorable bench storage unite. Furthermore, you may adds extra foam on the top of the bench. Then,  a bench corner seating area created.

09. Fresh and Functional Storage Unit

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If you need additional storage unit on your bedroom. This idea of storage is suitable for you. The piece incorporate a large wooden board as bench and wooden dowels for supports shelving. Moreover, this storage unit is useful to stash your blanket or pillow.

10. Rustic Bench

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If you have additional a unused wooden on your house. Then, transform those into the rustic bench storage unit. Moreover, you may also put additional wooden basket to strengthen the rustic atmosphere.


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