Installing Wall To Wall Carpet Like A Professional

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Nowadays installing a carpet is not only a beauty attachment but carpet also used to provide an insulation, sound control, and make a comfortable surface for walk on.

There, actually install a carpet on wall to wall is the most easiest job to do. Then, installing carpet like won’t make the carpet settled perfectly. Sometimes the carpet will be move a bit or roll it. Therefore, if you install a carpet like a professional it will avoid any other things happen on your carpet such as moving or roll in.

Here i would like to give you some tips on how to install wall to wall carpet like a pro on your house.On the following texts below. So. check this out!

01. Preparation Steps

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Before start your projects, clean the room and prepare the floor first. Measure the carpet, make sure that is suitable for your room. Cut the length of tackless strip of the carpet to make it fit with the wall on the room. Secure the carpet with nails on the subfloor to make it settled. Then, set the strip out from the wall almost 2/3 part of the carpet thickness. Ensure that all cornet and the edges of carpet are nailed perfectly on the wall.

When complete the preparation, let’s straight to the installation steps

02. Carpet Padding Installation

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On this steps, you need to ensure that room length and width to measure the carpet. Then, when you already get the number of the room measurement. after that cut the padding to fit use a straightedge or utilities knife. Place the padding waffle side and facing up, and then staple it on every 6″. Then the padding should be butted up against each other to form a clean seam. Use a knife to take out the excess from padding that maybe covers the tackless strips then cover them with a duct tape.

03. Cut The Carpet

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When you already got the measurement on the largest part of the room. You might set the measurements to the carpet around 4-6″ in all directions. Then, cut the carpet on the back edge with a carpet knife or straightedge. Then chalk line can be helpful on set the longer measurements.

04. Set The Carpet Position

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When you already get the perfect position for the carpet, then fitting the cut carpet on the edge against the first wall. Then, you might follow with another side. You might use a carpet knife to cut out the odd corner of the walls.

05. Hook the Carpet

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Place the carpet on the tackless strip on the each corner. You can use a nail, dig them on the carpet about 1″ from the wall.

06. Stretch The Carpet

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After you hook the carpet, you might use a power stretcher to stretch the carpet into the maximum width then hook the each side to the corners of the room.

07. Tighten And Secure The Carpet

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When the carpet already stretched, dig them on the corner of the carpet around of 6″ from the opposite wall. Press them down with the lever and lock it into the place, stretch the carpet and attach it to the tackless strips.

08. Trim The Excess Carpet

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After complete all of those steps, you need to trim the excess carpet. Use a knife to trim it.



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