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Magazine Rack for Bathroom Ideas for Every Taste


Storage is a commodity for any space of the house. It is also one of the important things in your home t keep your rooms look organized. A bathroom magazine rack could keep your floor keeps clean and clear. Though you have many drawers, cupboards, and cabinetry, your storage seems adequate.

There are so many bathroom items to store, from shampoo to towel. Then, don’t forget about the reading material. For some people, the magazine is always being ‘there’. Thus, everyone needs a place to store their magazine in the bathroom. If you are looking for a magazine rack for the bathroom, lucky you, I have prepared for you. Let’s jump!

01. Sturdy Magazine Holder


This sturdy magazine storage holds all your bathroom magazine and books. Comes in several stylish metal finishes, this rack looks chic. It also give you more benefit where you will not run out of toilet paper. Then, it fits in any design.

02. Wall Magazine Storage


If you have small space, you can build your magazine rack in your wall space. This wall rack could be built by yourself. Besides, it will eat up your floor space. Further, it doesn’t tip over and holds larger magazine.

03. Wooden Magazine Wall Rack


Besides, this wall-mounted magazine rack is great for you who have minimal floor and storage space. Also, it can be hang to any vertical surface. Then, it hold your toilet paper, thus you will not run out your toilet paper.

04. Rod Magazine Holder


Instead of buying a new magazine rack, it’s could be better if you can DIY it or using any unused things. This magazine holder uses rod curtain that already age. Yet, it’s sturdy and strong enough to hold your large magazine. You can put them away on your wall two or more.

05. Freestanding Pallet Magazine Rack


Made of pallet, this freestanding magazine rack includes toilet paper holder. Clean up your crowded space using this magazine rack. Has simple design from pallet appearance and it helps you to clean up your bathroom.

Which one of these magazine rack for bathroom you like the most?

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