Main Characteristics of Modern Home Architecture

As modern society, we need more than a home to stay. It is beyond lifestyle. There are certain characteristics of modern home architecture applied around the world.


As modern home is getting smaller than traditional ones, the functions speaks louder than before. Every furniture and form is meant to be fit for use. For example, the cabinet under the stairs. It is for getting maximum space usage. The decorative purposes follow the last.


In modern era, less is more. The modern home architecture does not add something without any benefit directly.

Industrial materials

It extends from the functional matters. The modern architecture needs the most practical and long lasting materials, such as concrete, steel and glass.

No ornaments nor decoration

It is more about the principles of modern architecture. Some theories state that any decoration will lose or change the value of the design itself. We can look at Shabby chic designs that are mostly full of ornaments and decorations. It opposites the modern designs.

White domination

Besides avoiding lots of ornaments, modern home architecture also put no other color besides white, except there are certain purposes.

Show off the materials

In this modern home, the natural materials are bare. It defines why people call the modern home as the concrete one.


There are no limitation of how repetition in a home. For example, the style of doors and windows.

Scientific and Technological

Unlike the traditional home design, modern home tends to depend on high technology. The hi-tech appliances are common in here, such as the electronic stuffs, automatic doors, etc.

Open Space Concept

This characteristic is the most common thing and people are easy seeing in bare eyes. The open space concept allows the family members to gather easily. The multipurpose rooms are such a must. For example, knocking down the wall between the kitchen to the dining room, or the living room to the garden.

Though we may not fulfill all of those characteristics but some will create modern ambiance as well. For example, you need to add the pastel color to your daughter’s room but with minimum decorative aspects. It is just fine and still meets the standard of modern home.

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