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Maintaining Bathroom Is No Longer A Problem For Those Who Creative


Bathroom could be the most cluttered space in the whole house. Sometimes bathroom could be the messiest room to maintain. No, matter of the size of your bathroom. Organizing bathroom furniture is important to give wide impression of space.  In this article I would like to share 10 suggestions how maintain your bathroom shelves to give an impressive interior for your bathroom.

01. Create A Floating Shelves

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Your little stuff could make your own bathroom appearance to be soiled. Then, this bathroom shelves are useful to ward it off you can create any floating shelves around your bathroom to put and gather your little stuff. It is similar with American traditional cabinet yet more impressive.

02. High Level Floating Shelves

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Another way to deal with your bathroom stuff through create a high level rack on your bathroom. This kind of bathroom shelves above your door to put towel or bathroom kimono stock. This is not matches on saving your daily lines.

03. Over The Toilet Shelves


This kind of Bathroom shelves is perfectly match for you who often forget bathroom’s small stuff. It is useful to keep your towels, and toilet paper. Place it over your toilet to make an easy access to you to these stuff.

04. Multifunctional Shelves

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Limited space on bathroom is not an awful situation. Jenna Sue Design co introduces this multifunctional bathroom design through combine a wash basin and D.I.Y wooden shelves. This Bathroom shelves will give an extra space impression. Therefore, it can be useful for landing pad for cosmetics and other extra necessities.

05. Multifunctional Ladder


Have an unused ladder laying around your house. Transform this unused ladder to be unique Bathroom shelves over the bathroom corner. Instead of old and clunky, this ladder Bathroom shelves give a stylish feeling. Likewise, you may set the shelf as comfort as you are.

06. Turn Your Unused Rolling Cabinet


Any unused rolling cabinet idle around your house. Turn your unused rolling cabinet as landing pad for your little bathroom stuff. This Bathroom shelves idea is useful to be a storage place with neglected space.

07. Blending Shelves Stuff


Considered on create additional shelves on your bathroom but avoid of any loaded impression. This Bathroom shelves idea could interest your inner desire. It’s similar with traditional shelves yet it painted in a same color and tone to realize small and flat impression. Otherwise, it will create an illusion of bigger space when you seeking for additional space for storage.

08. Instead Of Hanging Shelves, This Hanging Basket Will Give You An Impression

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Still faces lack of spaces on your hanging shelves. Try this hanging basket idea for your Bathroom shelves. Besides of giving an extra space, it could give a vintage look for you or strong woven cloth basket, according on the look and feel for your bathroom.

09. Wheeling Storage Cabinet


Instead of rolling cabinet and immobile cabinet will be suitable on your small bathroom. Then, this immobile cabinet is easy to remove when you are about to clean the stuff or the room. This Bathroom shelves is a great suggestion for you who likes simple decoration.

10. Folding Shelf Is The Best Solution


For your who faces lack of space on your bathroom. This minimalistic shelf is a best solution for you. This Bathroom shelves can be folded when not in use to save some space for your bathroom footage.

All of those idea above is an impressive way to prettify your bathroom. Have you decided already? Which one that you should take for your bathroom or interesting on combines all of those suggestions above. Therefore, if you have another suggestion for maintain Bathroom shelves, don’t be hesitate to share with us.

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