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Office Organization Ideas Simple and Easy to Make


If you want to stay organized in your office, you should find an office organization for it. Your organization’s work environment has more than just visual charm. For beginners, a simple and easy office organization has been shown to distress.

Take some time to build your office organization. How you organize your office will impact hoe you and your team behave. So, I will help you to create your office looks organized. Let’s see these office organization ideas that simple and easy to make.

01. Wall Organizer Iron Metal


Remove the desired shelf and change with this iron metal organizer. Clear out all your drawers then put your office stuff in this iron metal organizer. This organizer will not consume much space.

02. Use Rack-Box-Basket


Then, turn your shelf with rack-box-basket. If you don’t have enough space to store all your items, you can use boxes and basket. It will hide all yours and of course, your office will look neat and tidy.

03. Clear Out with Mini Storage


Looking for mini storage for your tiny items sometimes is not easy. You can DIY this mini storage using wood. It has port USB. This is can be a smart organizer for you. With simple design yet result in chic.

04. Reuse Mason Jar


Besides, you can use mason jars to store your pens. This is one of the easiest ways to organize your desk. Just turn an unused jar into pen storage, dress up it using polka dot paper, then add a ‘pen’ tag in it to divide every item.

05. Binder for Advantages


Also, use your wall space for storing your letters, file or fax. This binder can divide your letter based. Hang it on your wall space, so it will free your floor space or desk.

06. Install Peg Board


Frame a pegboard and hang above the desk to store items. This can hold small items like scissors, schedules, and even you can add a shelf on it as well. This cool project is really exciting and it can help you to organize your office items.

07. Clean Up Your Stuff with Basket


Store together with your project in the basket. These baskets made of bamboo, so you can easily make it by yourself. No need to paint it to get a touch of nature. Yet, if you prefer to be more decorative, cover it using wrapping paper.

May those office organization ideas will help you to organize your items. Let’s do it!

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