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Paint Concrete Floor Through These Following Steps

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Concrete is one of the most long-lasting material for construction. Concrete can be maintained as wall basic, concrete tops, floor, and etc. Therefore, the characteristic dull gray make the concrete have a bored appearance. Especially when you set a concrete as your floor materials. The dull gray appearance will make your floor appearance look boring then soon it will impacted on the whole room appearance.

Further, to faces this condition you might paint your concrete floor to change their appearances. In addition, painting on your concrete floor is easy activity that can be handle by anyone. Moreover, i will share the further explanation the steps how to paint the concrete floor. So, check this out!

In the other hand, before you start you should ensure that your floor is clean and dry. If you spotted there are a stains or water seepage. Eliminate them as soon as you can

Some variant require a special treatment, ensure that you read the manual instruction before start this project. This will help you to understand the characteristic of the concrete variants.

01. Vacuum The Floor

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The first steps require you to remove any sand, water seepage, and stain from the surface of the floor. Vacuum the entire of it surface, after that wipe them to take the residue out.

02. Fix The Cracks Or Holes

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When you found out that there is a hole on the floor surface, Then, fix them with mixing concrete patch and the following package directions. Then fill it on the cracks or holes on the floor with this compound. Further, use trowel to push and press it. Then, let them dry. When the surface is already smooth, then skip to the next step.

03. Apply The Paint Base

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Maintain your paint roller, then apply two coats of primer then let the floor dry in the middle of the coats.

04. Apply The Epoxy Paint

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The next steps on how to paint concrete floor is using a clean paint roller or paint compressor. Then, place it at least two coast or more epoxy paint to make it better.

05. Seal The Paint

The last steps, after finish painting. You should apply several coats of mansonry sealer then let them dry completely.

In short, understand the methods on how to paint concrete floor will make you realize that painting the concrete floor need some exact measurement to evade of any further damage possibilities. Have a nice day!


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