Plus Minus Of Concrete Flooring

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As flooring material, concrete offer high strength and durability. Concrete also known scratch-proof material.  So, you won’t leave a dent on a concrete floor.

Then, concrete also bring fashion statement. Adding dyes and etching techniques that turn the gray appearance on concrete on home’s star attraction.It’s also affordable to do that $2 per square foot.

Therefore, the concrete will be heavy, especially is you put the concrete on flooring style, the weight wouldn’t be a matter. Then, if you attract to install concrete floor on the subfloor. So, you will need to discuss with structural engineer to determine do the floor is suitable with the weight or not.

In addition, you might add lightweight as a solution of this types of flooring.

Beside the explanation above, there are other pros cons of concrete floor that can be consider of you before install it.

01. The Pros

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  • Concrete floor is low maintenance same properties to make concrete floors durable to make them easy to organize. Concrete floor is risky material, any shrug off dirt, grit, stains, and hard impacts would make them look dull. But, with little sweeping and damp mopping will make them still looking new.
  • Many design options, nowadays with modern technique it make the concrete finishing to became luxurious. Furthermore, dyes technique will transform the mixed produces concrete in earthy colors. Moreover, any acid stains, concrete stains, and paint made create the concrete floors into the beautiful one. Right combination will transform the concrete into suitable colors.
  • Heated floors, concrete floors characteristic is absorbed heat, so it will create a warm, and comfy floors.

02. The Cons

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  • Besides, the good characteristic above. There are some cons on using concrete floor as flooring system.
  • The first disadvantage of concrete floor, the concrete material is hard, there’s no denying element under the floor. This situation bring uncomfortable condition of set concrete material.
  • Concrete material has hard texture on the surface, it’s potential to hurt small children or elderly in the house. But, you can use a rug to faces this situation.
  • This kind of material is potential of moisture appearance, moisture can migrating up from the underneath of slab of the concrete. You may face this situation with proper sealing on the concrete.
  • Cracking also potential threat that can be appear on concrete flooring. Because, the changing of temperature and weather pressure. It makes the moisture appear. Therefore, colored cement paste will avoid the cracks also.
  • Concrete flooring also give a deep impact to the environment. Because, the process of making cement requires a lot of energy and produces carbon dioxide more. Especially if you compare with other building material such as steel, wood, or glass.
  • In short, all of those explanation contains some pros and cons factors that can used as considers factors before installing concrete flooring on the house.

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