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Quick Ways On How To Clean Drawer

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Last article, I give you a tips on how to maintain drawer to avoid of stacking little stuffs inside it. Then, on this article i would like to give you another tips that’s still relate and useful to your drawer.

This time, I’m going to share further steps on how to maintain drawer that is how to remove stains from the INSIDE of drawers. 

These steps below would be useful to give a finishing touch on how to maintain drawer , before you might use it. So, these steps are

01. Take Out All The Pile And Vacuum it inside

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This first step on how to remove stains from the INSIDE of drawers is take out all the pile inside, then use vacuum cleaner to sip the stains from the inside part.

02. Clean The Drawer With The Magic Liquid

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after that you need to dip the whole drawer with the natural mixture liquid from water and vinegar. (This tricks is effective to clean any odors from the drawer surface)

03. Mix Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) With The Manufacturers Specification Liquids

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Use this formula only if you faces the stubborn stains on the drawers.

you may use this formula through dip it in a fabric cloth, Then squeeze it to remove all moisture from the drawers

04. Dip A Sponge Or Fabric On The TSP Liquid

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Dip a sponge or a clean cloth into the TSP mixture, Then wipe it on the stained area. Let it stand in a few minutes then repeat it until the stain is disappear. Repeat this steps a few times until the stain finally gone.

05. Use A Clean Sponge To Wipe it

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In short, Cleaning a drawer need a patient and discipline to get the maximum results and not impacted on the side damage.
Then, I hope those steps line above will give you an ease way on cleaning the inside part of your drawer. You might try those steps at your home and on yourself. Have a nice day folks.. and see you next time folks!

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