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Remove Your Wallpaper In A Room With Your Steamer

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Wallpaper became a trend of decoration nowadays. Wallpaper offers an easy process during installing and adjusting instead of painting. Further, wallpaper also come with many designs so that people can choose the suitable design with themselves for their room. Based on this situation creates a remove-replace trends on setting the wallpaper.

Actually remove a wallpaper included to be the most easiest cleaning activity. But, if you do that on incorrect way, it will leave a paper stain on the wall. There are some steps and equipment that can be maintained for removing wallpaper activity.

In addition, in this article I will tell you some tips on how to remove wallpaper use steamer. So, check this out!

01. Preparation Steps

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The first steps is preparation steps. In this steps you need to fill the steamer with hot water then allow it to role up until 30 minutes to make it heat. After that cover the floor with a dropcloths, take off the faceplates on the wall that you need to take the wallpaper off. Then, place an electrical tape to cover any outlets from liquids.

02. Cut The Old Wallpaper

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Then, on this steps you need to cut and perforate the old wallpaper. You might use a small tools such as paper tiger to complete this steps.

Therefore, you need to be careful on using this steps, because you can penetrate it too hard then perforate the wall.

If it happens accidentally, you’ll need to fill the nicks with spacking compound.

Moreover, when it’s happen accidentally you need to spacking compound to fill it up.

03. Steaming Process

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Wallpaper steamer stuffed with hot water, then you need to wear a rubber gloves on this process. Then, place the steamer on the wallpaper’s surface that you need to take it off as long as you can. Because the more time that you press them, the less time you will scraped.

04. The Last Step Is Scrap The Wallpaper

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When the steam already thaw the glue, then start you work to remove the paper with scraping tool such as a plastic putty and a drywall knife. If it is necessary you may put more steam and repeat the process until the wallpaper removed.

In short, Removing wallpaper need some preparations to maximize the results, Then, make sure that you already understand the manual instruction on using a wallpaper steamer. Always read the guide book before use it. Have a nice day!


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