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Repair A Damage Roof In Easy Ways Without Any Further Impact

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Roof is the most potential place in the house. Roof faces different kind of weather from the hottest of summer until the snowstrom of winter. This situation would make the roof is not durable anymore. Then, in this article I would like to give you some guide on how to repair damage roof 

These followings tips will help you to repair your damage roof smoothly without causing any further impact.

01. Things To Be Noticed

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There are some important facts that should be noticed before you start your activities such as

  1. You need to make sure that the nail are set securely into the felt and sheathing. Roof will faces the sun’s heat all the time. Then ti makes the roof and shingles would be expanded. Then, soon it will be fall down
  2. Don’t forget to place every single roof on your room sloped to ensure that your roof is protected from the weather elements.
  3. Rent a nail gun to be a measurement guide to save a lot of time.

02. Repair The Roof’s Overlay

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Then second steps contains, make sure that the roof’s debris cleaned already and the roof already re-framed. Base already lay down. Place an eight-foot 1/2 inch thick plywood as standard sheating material. You need to calculate the opening section of the roof to be shingled, you might cut the plywood to size the roof rafters. Change the roof’s overlay in a brick pattern for an extra strength. Then, avoid of putting the entire 8-foot section of plywood on the roof. Then, after completes this process you may continue with install the brick pattern.

03. Set The Felt Paper

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After complete the previous steps, you need to stapps the 6 inch starter strip at the bottom and lower part of the room about 1-inch overhang. Check the drainage systems on the roof. Set the overlay system of the roof.

04. Apply The Shingles

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On the fourth steps, you need to set the first row of shingles from the bottom corner of the roof. Then, follow this step with set a base row of shingles with the following chalk lines and make it upward on the pyramid shape. Maintain six nails on every shingle to ensure that it set on the maximum hold, make a sure to always nail on the tar strip.

Then, continue the working up to the roof, base on the pyramid guide lines.

In short, repairing a damage roof without this guide would be dizzying your head. Then, those tips above appear to help you to create an ease way on repairing the roof.



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