Small Bathtub Decor You Must-Have

The bathroom is one of the crucial rooms in a house that should be concerned. Not only the living room and bedroom but this space should also feel cozy due to it’s a place more than a get clean. Yet, it’s also one of place within your home you can retreat. So, making a cozy bathroom is important.
Having a small bathtub is not a problem for us to decorate it. Before redecorating your small bathtub you can read these following ideas. A dreamy bathroom with fancy faucets, gorgeous tile, and of course small bathtub, it’s pretty easy to reject the old and crowded look. Here are some types that make your small bathtub decorating super easy.

01. Go for Light and Bright


Firstly, to decorate your small bathtub you can make your room light and bright the same as the bathtub. It will create a bright and light scheme in your bathroom. This step will help to get a bigger look in your bathroom. Further, it could also create a great combination.

02. Add Wallpaper


Secondly, you could add wallpaper on your wall space. If you install a white small bathtub, this wallpaper would help you to fill your wall space looks interesting. There are types of wallpaper you can pick for your bathroom. You can take wallpaper that looks at nature and homey.

03. Install Curtain


The bathroom is meant to be private, it means your bathtub should be covered, of course. Thus, you can enjoy when you soak in your bathtub. To cover your bathtub, you can install a curtain for it. Rather than glass partition, it’s much better if your install curtain. It will turn your tub into a private paradise.

04. Bring Rug


Of course, you need a bathroom mat to dry your feet after taking a bath. So, you can add a rug in your bathroom. Put it away under your bathtub, it will ease you to dry your feet. It also will not make your room looks muddy.

05. Tile Flooring


After that, in decorating the tub, we can create a great unity by installing tile flooring. When you choose a white bathtub, it’s very easy to decorate it with tile flooring. Take floral or another pattern tile in black-and-white color. Then, it’ll create such a pretty combination of the tub and the floor.

06. Create Wall Gallery


Here, you have a chance to get creative and rump up the bathroom’s cozy feeling. To decorate your tub area, you can create a wall gallery. No need to buy new wall art or photographs, you can borrow from other rooms. Then put it on your wall space. This is an inexpensive upgrade to make for your small bathtub decor.

07. Bring In Plants


Furthermore, when you are soaking in your tub, it will be very cozy if you add greenery next to your tub. You can invest in any indoor plants and get a natural touch from it. Meanwhile, these indoor plants will help to give fresh air and green color into your bathroom space.

Besides those ideas to decorate your small bathtub, you can improve by yourself. Let’s try!

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