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Small Nightstand Ideas for Tiny Bedroom


Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have anything to be placed in. Whether you are living in a small apartment or house you can opt for any furniture in your small space. There are many small furniture you can find in your small room. In this case, a nightstand is one of the furniture you can opt for. A nightstand is also one of the keys that provides comfort to the bedroom. Before buying a small nightstand, you can see these following small nightstands ideas for your tiny bedroom.

01. Repurposed Suitcase with Vintage Chic


This suitcase can be an exciting nightstand for your tiny room. A blue suitcase is enough to invite a vintage feel and it can bring you back in the past. With strong wood color and baby blue enhance a great combination.

02. Strong Wooden Nightstand


Then, this nightstand can provide industrial chic to your bedroom with dark wooden color. This nightstand fits in every room, especially for the tiny one. Combine industrial and modern accents with warm texture on dark wood color and white table lamp cage.

03. Box Nightstand


For you who look for something unique and old, this nightstand may be a great choice for you. It has a small size, moveable and chic. This box nightstand is suitable for your small space. Then, to get a more appealing look, you can add vintage feel by installing a vintage radio.

04. Modish Table in White Tone


A pretty brilliant table with a modern vibe can make your bedroom looks intriguing. The look is exemplary and the color can change the mood. Complete with double storage and elegant table decoration.

05. Useful Table from Rattan


Further, for those who like a traditional touch, you can pick this rattan table for your bedroom. Besides, it uses a simple rectangular shape with an inexpensive leg to form such a modern nightstand in traditional touch. The result is awesome.

06. Open Floating Table


Also, if you are trying to find the right piece of wood in the simple design and especially for small space, this open-shelve table might be the answer. This floating nightstand emphasizes the feeling of space by freeing floor space. Then, this table offers space to store your collection of books.

Besides, those six ideas, some small nightstand can be chosen based on the owners’ wishes. The size of the room can be most important to consider. So, which one do you prefer for your tiny space?

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