Small Tub Design Ideas For Any Bathroom Design


Get inspired for repairing your small bathroom tub with these small tub design ideas. Are you looking for a small tub? There is a simple way to get the small that fit in any bathroom design. Even though your bathroom is less or more space, these tubs will not spend much space in your bathroom. You will discover many small tubs in diverse size, elements, and design. Well, to sum up, given below some small tub which is you’re looking for. Let’s have a look!

01. Modern Tub with Gold Faucet


If you want to add a modern style, this modern tub looks good for your bathroom. The design is simple, sleek and modern. This is also suitable for any bathroom space, whether your bathroom is small or large. Besides, it looks more elegant by being paired with gold faucet.

02. Claw-foot Bathtub


A claw-foot bathtub is fit in a bathroom with vintage style. Yet, this claw-foot bathtub is suitable for any bathroom design. With four claw-tub gives an elegant and gorgeous look in this bathtub. You can store this claw-tub in the corner or face the window.

03. Modern Design Tub


Made of acrylic make this tub looks gorgeous. It doesn’t stay cold for long because it transfers heat quickly. This tub is also the most popular and inexpensive tub on the market today. So, many people prefer this tub. You can place it face to the window.

04. Corner Tub


This tub can be very intriguing due to its place in the corner space in your bathroom. For those whose less space in the bathroom, you can have this corner tub. This corner tub is made of acrylic which is easy to be formed.

05. A Rectangle Tub


If you are feeling bored with an oval tub, you can change it with a rectangle tub. This rectangle tub could be a great way to add style to your bathroom. Looking cozy, simple and sleek. The beautiful accent you can get from the beautiful partition.

06. An Oval Tub


This tub is made of acrylic and has an oval shape. It is suitable for any bathroom design. You may store this oval tub in the corner or face to the window. To complete it, you can install a tile for the flooring. Feel free to choose the tile design, yet it’s better if you pick the tile in an earthy tone.

There are many choices of the small tub. These inspirational ideas may help you to decide what small tub you will pick. Have fun with your choice!

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