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Smart Ideas on How to Store Spices and Herbs


You may don’t have a lot of time thinking about your spices and herbs. But when you’re looking for storage that you haven’t seen for a while and spent endless time digging around your clutter drawer, you’ll wish you had a better even the best system. Whether you use a few key spices every day or not, these ideas will help you get fit and stay that way. From whimsical to functional, these ideas can be done in a few hours.

01. In a Jar


First, you can use a jar (in any size) to store your spices and herbs. This smart idea can help you to get organized your kitchen space. So, your space will not look cramped. Then, when looking for spices or herbs, you can find easily. Further, to make it more and more efficient, add the name of spices and herbs on it.

02. Hanging Storage


Second, if your drawer already full of your kitchen items, you can move all your spices and herbs to your wall space. When you use jars to keep them, you can easily hang them on the wall. Of curse, it will be freeing up your drawer space and also cabinet. It will not make your wall space looks cluttered. So, it’s one of the best ways to decorate your own.

03. Put In The Box


Third, use your unused box to store your spices and herbs. This can save your money in buying new storage. You can use this concept if you run out of storage in your kitchen area. By using boxes you can get organized looks. I adore this very simplistic idea for storing spices and herbs that take mini jar or topless and boxes. You can keep it in fridge directly.

04. Put On The Shelves


Here, you can get a chance to store your spices and herbs with any storage. In this case, you can use shelves for that. Having space on your wall gives you the facility to store them. You can DIY these shelve using a wooden board. Also, it’s optional for your whether to stain them or not.

05. In the Cabinet


Most of us stuff spices in a drawer, yet using a cabinet space can be also efficient. It’s much better rather than put it away on your countertop. Further, this storage is unique, where you can pull them, so you can reach all you need.

06. In The Drawer


Using a drawer to keep your spices and herbs. This very simplistic idea for storing spices and herbs one of great. When you go through spices or you have an inopportune amount of wall space that can’t quite fit a rack or shelves, it is a clever way to store spices and herbs using drawer.

07. Make Standing Storage


Then, the part of displaying your spices is that they’re often colorful enough to live as decor on their own. You can buy this standing storage in the market. The design is so modern and you will get an organized look.

08. Behind The Door


Mostly, we have unused space behind the door that goes to waste and this creative idea is perfect for those tight areas. This drawer can be easily DIY-ed to match your kitchen space. Then, it’s also a good alternative if you just can’t spare any extra drawer or cabinet space.

Is it easy right? You can create an organized and clean kitchen when you can store your spices and herbs in smart storage. Hoping this smart idea will help you.

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