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Some Tips To Clean Stone Showers

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Before, we already discuss about tips on how to clean shower. Then, as we know that there are many types of shower that commonly found in people’s bathroom. So, i decide to give you a further tips on cleaning a certain types of shower. Then, in this article i would like to give you some tips on how to clean shower with stone material surround.

Furthermore, before we start to the tips. i would like to give you a brief about shower with stone material.

Natural stone shower is a types of shower that surround by granite or another natural stone that prettify your shower. Then, this kind of shower need different treatment on cleaning it. Such as wipping down the wall and clean the stone once a week.

Therefore, there is a something that need to consider on treating this kind of shower. Such as Never use vinegar or harsh cleaners. It will leave scars on the stone surfaces.

Then, let’s start to the tips check this out!

First, you need to prepare the supplies and the tools.

The supplies are

  • Ammonia-free stone cleaner
  • Warm water
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Stone Sealer

The tools are

  • Microfiber cloths
  • Spray bottle
Therefore, after you prepared all of these utilities above. You may straight to tips below.

01. Empty And Spiritz

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The first steps on how to clean shower with stone material is emptying the shower of all baggy items. Then, spray down the wall with the stone cleaner. Combine them, with a tablespoon of dishwashing soap in one quart of warm water. Wipe down with a microfiber cloth to make the soap disappear.  Re-wash them with clean water and wipe with microfiber cloth again to make it dry.

02. Dealing With The Mildew

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Natural stone is a potential places for mildew appearing. Further, if you see any mildew on the stone . You may use chlorine bleach mixing with water. Then, dip them with a sponge to the mildewed area to make them disappear. To reach the smaller place you may use unused toothbrush. After all you need to let the liquid works around fifteen minutes, them scrub them lightly with a soft-bristled brush next is rinse them with plain water.

03. Give A Protection On Natural Stone Surface

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Natural stone need a barrier to avoid of any penetrating from water or chemicals liquid into the stone. Otherwise, it also use full to prevents bacterial from the settling into the natural crevices of the stone’s surface.

In conclusion, Stone shower need special treatment. Therefore, beside the shower the surrounding natural stone area also need to be cleaned to avoid a any mildews. Then, if these tips won’t work to you. It will better if you meet the experts on this field. Have great day.

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