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Steps On How To Remove Tile Flooring Without Causing Side Effect

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Tile flooring is the most common flooring style in the world. Based on the simple style on the tile flooring style. Further,  Tile flooring style also the most easiest flooring style installation.

This condition make people of remodel their style on tile flooring. During the remodel process people often faces an obstacle on how to remove tile flooring in a right path. So, here I will give you some tips to completes on how to remove tile flooring

Furthermore, before I give you the steps. I need to tell you that you need to find the equipment first that can be necessary during this steps.


  • carpet scraper
  • cold chisel
  • masonry hammer


  • clear plastic
  • tape

When you already prepare all of those equipment, so let’s straight to the steps.

01. Remove The Trim Work On End Of The Floor

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Every tile flooring need the trim work to set and lock the flooring system on the floor. When you need to remove the floor. Then, you should to remove the trim work first, to make an ease way to reinstall a new floor.

Further, you need to remove any appliances on the room such as cabinets and big furniture. Cover any vents with removable tapes or plastic to prevent any dust fall into the ventilation system.

02. Remove The Tile

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Then, on the second steps on how to remove the tile flooring is break the tile. These steps require you to break up the first tile on the floor with a hammer. After that use a chisel to pry up the remainder of the first tile.

When the first tile successfully remove, then you need to place a chisel again deeper than before to pop the base on the floor.

03. Remove The Underlayment

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On the next steps, you need to remove the tile underlayment of the floor. You might use a screw gun to remove any screw that attract to the underlayment on the floor.

04. Clean The Subfloor

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The last, when the underlayment is gone. you need to remove any gluten pieces over there. In this steps, the important of flat edge, flat shovel, and carpet scraper is necessary. If you are about to remove the subfloor on the large area. Then, on the smaller area, smaller and multipurpose tools is useful to make it done. After that when you are done you need to clean up any screws and gluten liquid use a broom and shop vac.

In short, Understanding the methods on how to remove tile flooring will avoid you to make another fault that caused any further damage on removing your floor. Have a nice day!


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