The Best Budget-Friendly DIY Garden Decoration Ideas

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Garden is a place where you can plant any kind of plants like herbs, shrubs, fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Talking about the garden, we can make it as stunning as we wish. In decorating a garden, we don’t need to go to the market and buy a new decoration. Especially, if we can DIY the decoration for a weekend. Here are some ideas for you what DIY garden decor that affordable and effortless to make it!

01. Teapot Decor


Firstly, waste teapot can be used as a garden decoration since it has a beautiful look. If your teapot looks rusty and aged, you can stain it up to get more pretty look. Then, put it in your garden using a stand and don’t forget to add accessories too.

02. Mini Garden Decoration

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As well as that, if you have a small space you can use this mini garden decoration. This planter stand has four rows that can be used to grow your plants. No need potter, you can use root and plants what do you wanna plant on it. The result is appealing, especially for you who has less space.

03. Hanging Planter

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Furthermore, if you have been bored with your garden look, you can use this hanging planter to make your garden is better. You can DIY the planter using a wooden block in a small size. Hang them in your garden space and you will get a new fresh look.

04. Repurposed Can Planter

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Then, if you have much waste can in your warehouse, you can use them as a planter. Because the spring is coming over, you can use it to plant Tulips. Whether you want to color them up or not, it’s no problem. Place them on the fence and in a diverse height.

05. Flying Planter

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Again, a garden should be interesting, pretty and fun. This flying planter is easy to make, yo just need rope and potter. The beautiful flower is flaying around in your garden will create such a delightful scheme.

06. Build a Swing

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Without a doubt, a swing is always inviting warm ambiance into a garden. Mostly, kids like it. You can get this DIY decor for your garden using wooden blocks. Place the swing face to the home or between two trees. In a decorating theme, a swing is very smart.

07. Flowers and Plants Stand

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Not only in soil, but you could also grow your plants in a plant stand. There are many planters stands you can opt for. Iron, wood, plastic and lots more can be a planter stand. This wooden planter stand should be chosen due to it’s looking great and simple.

08. Fun Ladder Planter Stand

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As we know, we can DIY a ladder to make any decorations. If you have a waste ladder in your backyard, you can prettify it then use it as a planter stand. It’s much better if you color it up then mix and match with the colorful potter.
Is it simple and easy to make these DIY garden decor, isn’t it? You can improve yourself. If you have another idea, you can tell me in the comments!

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