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The Best Ways To Maintain Your Action Figure Collection

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Collecting action figure would make strengthen your inner desire of your favorite childhood memory. Therefore, maintain action is hard as sneakers do. In this article i would like share some tips to make your action figure collection clean and shinning.

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01. Clean Your Figure From Dust Once A week

The first step is make a sure that your action figure collection always clean through remove the dust in certain times.

Use a make up brush or paint brush to remove the dust particle from the figures, spay them with pressurized air to remove the dust softly to avoid any touches.

02. Use Effervescent Tablets To Do Further Cleaning Process Of The Toys

Drop your dirty action figure into a bowl of effervescent tablet warm water then wait for it to begin bubbling. When the water is halfway floating, flip them on your figure in the water to clean the other side.

Further, there are some important notice that you need to follow below.

  1. Make a sure that you are not going to placing any battery compartment direct into water. This place is very risky and can damage your figure.
  2. The bubbles on the tablet only work to clean the stain away on the plastic material
  3. The effervescent tablet can found in the most grocery store around

03. Rub The Action Figure If Your Water Have Decals Or Batteries

Mix a cup of 240 ml water and Do 1-2 drops of mild dish soap, stirring until bubbles form. Then, put the cotton swab or microfiber cloth into the water, and squeeze it until the water removes. rub the stain area on your action figure collection with it until the mark disappears. Then the last one you should wipe your action figure collection with the dry towel.

04. Isopropyl Alcohol To Clean The Ink and Other Difficult Stains

This steps is similar with the previous steps, you need to dip a cotton swab or microfiber fabric into 70-90 percent of alcohol. Keep rub it on the mark or stains on your figure until the stains is gone

Thus, have consider on how did you maintain your action figure collection ? have you treat them carefully. There is not word to say “late” you may change your treatment behavior to make your toys “live longer”. Any good treatments also can turn your toys into a good investment in the future. Starts for now make a sure that your toys still on point.



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