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These Are 8 Ways To Make Over Your Computer Room


A computer room is a space where you do your work, play game, or just to distress your mind by looking for something you like. There are plenty of ways we need to know in making over this room. We need to consider the size, design and also the furniture that will be installed in the computer room. Do wanna join with me in designing the computer room? There are some ways to makeover the computer room effortless in a minute. Let’s jump!

01. Floating Desk


If you don’t like to move your computer desk, this floating desk can be fit for you. This floating desk made of wood with a bit long size. Therefore, you can store your computer or PC on the table with another stuff. This room also has good circulation where the air can go inside through the window freely. Add some indoor plant in this room to get a natural touch.

02. Airy Room


To get a cozy vibe in your computer room, you can create an airy ambiance. By installing windows at large sizes can allow the ray goes inside. It also makes your room looks airy and bigger. Thus, for those who have small space, this concept can be followed.

03. Rustic Modern Design


Like something minimalist and simple yet stylish, this minimalist computer room is for you. Installing rustic style by installing a wooden desk and shelf with modern design can create such an eye-catching look. It has an earthy color that is looking at nature. To complete it, you can add indoor plants which are planted in the clay pot too.

04. Small Computer Room


For those who have a small space, you can create a small computer room with a simple design. No need to clutter the room with any big or large furniture. With a small desk made of iron, you can store the desk on the corner of the room. Then, color up the room with blue color to bring down blood pressure.

05. Brick Wall


By using the brick wall for the computer room is also a great choice. It’s optional for you whether you like to paint the brick or not. Yet, this computer room looks more interesting. Installing wooden L-shaped shelving and desk in light color for your computer room.

06. Desk with Many Storage


This desk is suitable for those who need much storage to store their stuff. It looks good looking with white color and simple design. This desk will not make your computer room look crowded. You can hide the stuff in the storage and there are some hanging pot to store another stuff.

07. Wall Photo Decoration


Looking chic with earthy color. Another way to decorate your computer room is by storing any photos on the wall. You can stick the photos on the wall directly or hanging it on. Add natural touch by installing any kind of indoor plants or flowers.

08. Shelve Computer Desk


To decorate your computer room design, you can install shelving which can be used as a desk and shelve too. This can be placed in any space in your home due to it’s very simple and small. Even, you can store this in the living room.
Well, which one do you prefer to make over the computer room? Just go for it!

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