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Tips to Make Your Bedroom Feel Warm and Homey


Have you ever think that almost a third of our day we spend in our bedrooms. we start and end every day with the view from our pillows, blanket and of course bed. So it’s worth setting in some extra time to make your private room be a warm place to go. Here are some tips to make your bedroom feel warm and homey.

01. Pick Dark and Earthy Color


The first step to make your bedroom has a homey feeling is by choosing the color scheme. To make your bedroom feel cozy, it’s better to pick a dark and earthy color. It will give a warm ambiance to your room.

02. Get Comfy Rug


When you wake up, you will step out to the bathroom directly. You could put a rug next to the bed. It makes for a nice place to put your feet down. You can also get an opportunity to get creative with color and design. Choose wool material for your rug, it eases you to dry your feet.

03. Add Nature and Warm Material


Then, warm and homey feelings can be got by installing natural and warm material. There are wood, linen, rattan, wicker, stone, wool, geodes. Those all could add coziness to your room. Moreover, you might avoid large elements made with reflective metals and plastics. They could make your room resemble hard and manufactured.

04. Rid Of Overhead Lighting


To light up your room, you can install a lamp. In this case, a lamp is a good idea since it can provide a texture of light. You can use a variety of smaller lamps set at varying heights. Use low-wattage bulbs and sturdy lampshades for maximizing coziness.

05. Use Glass for Candle Holder


Another way to get a warm and cozy feeling is by putting down candles on your nightstand. For this reason, you can take a glass candle holder. You can add a bit of shelter to your candle burning by using geometric glass lanterns. The glass holder can add a pretty, modern touch to your room’s décor.

06. Add Fairy Lights


Next, this fairy lighting not only for teenage girl rooms’. But it also for those who want to add soft light and twinkle ambiance to bedroom. You could swoop along with the light with the ceiling, hung behind a curtain panel, or even bunched up in an upcycled jar as an artsy DIY lamp.

07. Choose Calming Wall Art


Also, inviting a serene vibe can be done by installing such a calming art. No need to choose crowded art, it can make your room looks cramped. Thus, you can take printable wall decor for it. The result is great.
Well, are you ready to get started?

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