Tips To Store Towel For Small Bathroom To Save Space

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This tips is suitable for you those who has small bathroom. Small bathroom make us confuse on how to overflow the towels that still put style forward.

Then, this article is here to give you a solution and life hacks on how to store towel and still put the style forward. Check this out!

01. Create Towel Bars And Rings

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The idea that i want to suggest on how to store towel on small bathroom is create this towel bars or rings. Towel bar and rings will give you beautiful enchantments on decoration. You may put one bar for bath towel and the separate smaller bar near the sink. Both of those steps will offers you a little extra hanging space for your towel.

Furthermore, you can use towel bars or rings to be a design feature as well as space saving to store clean towels.

02. Create Wall Shelves

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Create a wall shelf will make a space to store folded fresh towel next to the shower. Then, wall shelves are convenient to grab when you need the towel to dry off.
Further, A Wall Shelf also fit on the existing towel bar and maximize the vertical storage space.

In addition, shelving also useful to prettify the whole bathroom. Think industrial pipes, a distressed look, a wall cubby, or multiple asymmetrical shelves. it’s a chance for you to put your creative stamps on the space.

03. Over The Door Towel Racks

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This idea is suitable to use by people who faces the lack of space. Create over the door towel racks is a solution.
In addition, beside offer a storage space. This idea also a plenty of new style to prettify the bathroom appearances from a simple, single bar to a system with bars, hooks, and shelving. Choose which style that you like and appropriate for you.
Another consideration on build the over- the-door system is the towel always dry no matter the door is closed or open. Because, the towels won’t dry if it stuck between the door and the wall.

04. Towel Stands Racks

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This designs is suitable for those who has an unused floor space,  such as a corner of the bathroom and shower. Towel stands is a nice consideration to give a space to store the towel and decorative function to display the towels a little more compare to other methods. You may set your pretty towels to give a beautiful enchantment.
Many towel stands also contains with small shelf as a storage that you can maintained as a decorations.

05. Heated Rack And Bins

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Nothing can ignore the comfortable atmosphere warm towel when you walk out of the shower or bath.

Put heated rack to give a multi purpose solutions to keep your towels warm and also offers storage purposes.

06. Over The Toilet Units

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The last suggestions on how to store the towel is create over the toilet storage units as a solution to store your towel and other toilet stuffs.

This units is an alternative ways to maintain a space around the toilet to useful.

Further, i hope that all of these suggestion on how to store the towel is useful to presents a good decoration to you.

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