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Top 10 Best Tips To Keep Your RV On Fire

Source : doityourselfrv.com

Instead of living on in-ground houses that force people to stay in certain area for a long time. People decide to live nomads to make them freedom of living. Thus, this situation make RV become a trends nowadays. Many people choose to buy a RV than a house. In Short, many variant of RV released to satisfy people desire. No matter how much your RV costs whether you can not maintain yours results that the RV’s period won’t be in long time. So, this article created to give you 10 handy tips to maintain your RV condition. Let’s check this out.

01. Check The RV Roof Regularly

Source : theamators.com

Check your RV’s roof every three months or less to get the roof condition. Water can grind the roof’s edges, vents, skylight and air conditioning unit. Water will make the outer roof wood, inner ceiling panels wet and will damage them quickly. Cover your roof’s leak with any sealants that you can get in the local RV Store.

02. Check The RV Wheel And Tire Pressure

Source : mycamperfriend.com

Before you make a trip with your RV. Make sure that your RV’s wheel lug nuts and RV tire pressure is ensure your safety on the road. Check that they have not loosened up at any point during your previous trips. Then, check your RV pressure it’s also important. Because Overinflated tires could explode your RV therefore, underinflated tires is also dangerous to create a control problem.

03. Make A Sure That There Is Enough Battery On Your RV

Source : batterychargers.com

Battery is the heart of your RV’s power. Further, without Battery almost all panels can’t work. So, make a sure that your RV’s battery is fully charger all the time. Moreover, it would make your RV battery condition up until 3-5 years ahead before loosing their capacity.

04. Keep waster water system on their maximum point

Source : culator.com

The other worst thing that you don’t want happened is waste water leaked. Moreover, it is important to maintenance them in a good condition. Make a sure that every chemicals system on the RV are work on their designed system. Then, don’t forget to check the flushing system. Make a sure that there is no failure operation on the system.

05. Make A Sure That The Brakes System Still Works

Source : a.d-cd.net

Well maintained brakes would make a sure the owner and everyone else on the road safety. Brake maintenance should be an important list to-do on RV maintaining. Make a sure that the brakes system still have enough material left to make them work properly. Thus whether you need any brake replacement. You can get in a cheaper prices around $300-$500 from the local warehouse.

06. Clean and treat your RV’s slide outs and seals

Source : outdoorsy.com

Maintain your RV condition should be included on regular checking on RV slide outs and seals. If you left them uncleaned. It will create sealing problem on your RV.

07. Change your RV’s oil

Source : drive2.com

Different than regular car that need an oil replacement every 3000-5000 miles. RV require an oil more than regular car. It’s important to stated that RV needs an oil replacement below than that. Change them in every 2000 until 4000 miles or every year to make a sure that everything in engine is lubricated. and works properly.

08. Change Your Air, Fuel, Coolant, And Hydraulic Filters

Source : d1350.com

Similar with oils, you need to maintain your RV condition on the air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filter on your RV needs seasonal replacement. To get the maximum condition, you need to inspect air filter, fuel filter,coolant and hydraulic filter at every oil replacement.

09. Prepare Your RV’s Awning

Source : doityourselfrv.com

The purpose of having RV is supporting nomad living and do a camping every where and every time. So, having well cleaned awning is necessary in every RV. Don’t forget to inspect your RV’s awning regularly. Repair any possible harm as soon to avoid of they start to grow larger. Moreover, repair RV’s awning would costs you up to $600 until $1.300-$1.400.

10. Check Your RV’s Electrical Instruments

Source : prokasro.de

Electrical instrument is important to make a sure that you are safe during your trip. For example, electrical transmission can direct turn your brake lights when you hit the brake pedal on your vehicle. Moreover, another benefit of  the electrical connection makes sure your RV has a good brake activation.

In short, all of these tips above is useful for you to make a sure that your RV has a good condition. However, if it’s not it will be better to know earlier before something bad happen. So, Have a great day.



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