Top 10 Useful Life-Hacks That Can Make Your Daily Lives Easier

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Maintaining a house will takes most of your time and then, it will costs you a lot. Because maintain a house need a correctfulness to avoid of any dis-functions items. Then, most of the house items is high costs that make not all people can affords.

Therefore, for those who interest to make a maintain a house activity easier. Then, I would like to give you top 10 life hacks that can be useful on your daily activities. These top 10 life hacks will help you to save a precious time, tons of money and a sanity to you.

01. Remove A Candle Wax With Ice Cubes

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If you found out that there is a candle wax on your furnitures. You don’t to risk you time to scrape them out. Then, put a bunch of ice cubes and place it on the wax around 10 minutes. After that you may scrape the wax easily.

02. Remove The Small Scratches On The Furniture With A Toothpaste

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When you spotted that there is a scratch on your furniture. Take a deep breath, before you spend a hundred dollars to re-furnishing. Then, grab your toothpaste to remove the scratches. marks the tooth paste out then rub it on the scratches area until it’s disappears.

03. Use Plastic Straw To Make The Flower Stand Up

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place the flowers on the plastic straw to make them stay upright on the vase and still get a nutrition from the water.

04. Patched The Hole On The Window Screen With Nail Polish

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Small on the screen door or window will transform the entire thing to be useless. Therefore, there is a simple way to fix it. Swipe a clear nail polish to patched the hole.

05. Use Magnetic Rack To Keep Tidy

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When you found out that you have mess cabinet then, you can use magnetic spice rack on both making your cabinet more organized and give decorative function.

06. Clean A Pan With Alka-Seltzer tablets

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If there is mess after cooking a dinner on your pan? you may clean them with combination liquid between hot water and alka-setlzer tablet. Then, drop it on the pan about 15 minutes.

07. Use Stick-On LED Lights to Illuminate Dark Cabinets

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When you faces darker colors on your kitchen cabinets or dark kitchen paint, set some LED lights to brighten those things up. Place a few stick of LED’s then place it then it will be enlighten your kitchen.

08. Limit The Amount Of Water Your Toilet uses These Tricks

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This tricks is suitable for those who always get extremely high water bill. Maintain your toilet tank, maybe there is a problem over there. You may put a heavy items like brick inside the tank to relieve the water capacity inside the tank. These tips is effective to reduce the amount of water that you use every flush.

09. Clean The Toilet Bowl With Mouthwash

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When you found out that your toilet bowl soiled. Use your mouthwash instead on store them, maintain them as unnecessary cleaning product. Pour them on your toilet bowl and let it there about half an hour.

10. Create A Hole On The Base Of Your Trash To Make It Keep Sticking

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Remove a garbage bag from the bin sometimes would be frustating. Due the holding the garbage to avoid the trash fall down.

In short, all of these life hacks above are useful to make your life easier. Furthermore, there are others life hacks that can make your life easier.



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