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Transform your garden to vintage looks with DIY stuff from unused material

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Since two years ago, Vintage design raise in a trends among the people of the United States. Many aspects of live influenced from fashion to home design are influenced by vintage looks. Garden is one of house part that influenced a lot by vintage designs. Many people transform their garden under vintage style because vintage style is simple and eye-catching.

here, I want to share 10 ways to transform your garden under vintage design.

01.Vintage Plates and Chair as the yard accessories

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Instead of throwing away your old design stuff like plates and an old chair. Put them on your garden would boost a quaint atmosphere on your garden. Vintage plates could be any sign or marker to differentiate your garden than your neighbor garden stuff. The old chair can be any buttress of your plant pot.

02. Rusty Wheel Barrow As Chamber Pot

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Who would have thought that the old rusty chamber could be re-use on transforming to vintage appearance garden. I suggest that the rusty wheel barrow could a chamber pot for small plants like jasmine flower or the other pretty things. The rusty chamber would completely contrast with the flower visually.

03. Old Ladder Flower Displayers

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Beside a rusty wheel barrow, an old ladder that stacked on the warehouse could be used also.  The ladder could be useful for those who have an unseen place from the hosts visitors. It also used for those who had a lack of space on their garden. Set up your garden on the posts of some steps of the ladder to display your pretty plantation. It will be your garden centerpiece.

04. Metal Bucket As A Plantation

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Confusing about a lot of unused galvanized stuff in your warehouse. Transform these metal bucket to A potted plant. Metal bucket could be a dream stuff with the right hand. Use your own imagination and D.I.Y ability through colorful stuff and things to transform it.

05. Unused Wooden Craft Windows

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Used yours a piece of broken wooden window. Broken piece of wooden window can shutter a beautiful on its own way. When, the wooden windows bounded with vine. It transforms into a sculptural artwork.

In order, Low-maintenance moist plantation and air plant would be perfect for those who don’t like in a green thumb. The vines are not require to soil all the time; they’ll thrive with airflow and misting alone.

06. Unused Metal Shelf

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Any unused metal shelf left behind on your warehouse. I suggests to use them in your garden to placed your watering cans, seed, and any little plantations. They even make a great companion. The metal shelf would make a visualization that you are on the Victorian industrial era.

07. The Bee’s Nest

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Inspired by primitive French that keep the bee nest as the beautiful way to keep in beautiful kind of vintage looks. The woven look from the bee nest and their neutral color palette transform your garden from the basic to the versatile one. The bee’s nest on the bench of your garden could be any unexpected centerpiece for those who saw it.

08. Plaid Basket Case

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Instead of looking steam with rusty metal stuffs. Unused Plaid Basket could be a solution for those who wants to looks vintage. It can be used to gather any gorgeous blooms. This one is useful for those who likes and passionate in gardening also. This one could increase the compelling looks of the garden through put these special buds on display through various heights, shapes, and size of your planters.

09. Untouched Mail Box

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Untouched mail could be maintained as a storage of any gardening stuffs. You may combine the untouched mail box with any other suggestions above as a complement of their vintage look of the plantation. Therefore, if you combine untouched with any floating shelves. It could made a functional workspace.

10. Boost Your Vintage Appearance With Circular Bench Over Your Garden

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Circular bench brought the garden as if back to the sixties. Circular garden offers vintage looks on visually. Therefore, it also to keep the original function.

11. Transforming An Untouched Old-Sliding Metal Gate

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This idea is similar to re-use the broken wooden windows. The untouched old-sliding metal guide used as the layer of the veins. Therefore, the gate also used to prettify and formed the veins.

All of those are suggestion for those who likes to transform their garden to vintage looks. Therefore is not a patent ideas. you may customize those idea with your own desire. Have a great day.

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