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Turn Your Fall Mess Into A Unique Decoration Stuffs

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For those who live in the four season country, fall seems like a full color season that completely colors the atmosphere around. In a quick time, the landscapes turn to be adorable with full colors of reds, yellow, and oranges that fall down from the tress. Whether you are confused on how to maintain this colorful mess, you can try to make this unique fall craft like this fall leaf book page banner. This fall craft is easy to made. you may build it by yourself less than 30 minutes. In addition, you may create this fall craft together with your kids to boost your quality time. Therefore, all of this explanation below would take you on how to create this unique fall craft.

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1. Explore your neighborhood or a local park with your family through walking, collect various leaves, in many colors and shape as many as you can
2. Bring all of those collected leaves home and dried them inside a book

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3. Using pages from unused old book, cut out them in a certain shapes. Make sure to give a bit extra space on top of the shapes to fold with banner
4. When the leaves are ready, Place and press them in a each cutting shapes

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5. Fold down the top portion of each shapes to hold the strings, secure them with staples
6. String the whole shapes banner and hang them somewhere around your house to touch your fall decor
In short, all of these steps are quiet easy to be done for almost people even for kids. Therefore You need to go on your kids side during their observation for collecting leaves as many as you can or when they use staples. Even these steps are easy for you. Some steps on above can hurt them or put them in danger.

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