Update Your Bathtub Appearance With These Following Refinish Tips

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Have you bored with your ordinary bathtub appearance ? When it’s happened many people think that replace the bathtub is the best choice to faces this situation. Therefore, Instead of changing your bathtub. Refresh your old bathtub appearance with changing paint of your bathtub to make a new invention with affordable costs.

Then, in this article i would like to give you some tips to complete it and make it happened. So, with no stings attached, let’s straight on the tips on how to refinish bathtub appearance. Let’s check this out!

01. Clean The Whole Tab Before You Start

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The first steps, you need to remove any hardware and the putty from the bathtub. Then, you might use a degreaser on cleaning the tub.

02. Maintain The Filler

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After that, you need to maintain the bathtub filler. Make a mixture of two part of epoxy filler then wait until it make a paste. After that place the epoxy liquid with a putty knife then fill any chips on the tub’s surface. Then, scrape excess epoxy use putty knife to reduce the sanding time.

03. Smooth The Epoxy Spots

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When the epoxy liquid is getting hard, you need to refine them with a utility knife, orbital sander or sandpaper to make it smooth.

04. Scrub And Flatten It

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The next steps on how to refinish bathtub appearance is scrub epoxy spots. You can use steel wool or sand paper to scrub it until absorbs to the tub in three times.

05. Cover The Protection Area

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After that you need to make a protection on the area that should not painted. You might use unused fabric cloth and glue them together with tape.

06. Start Painting

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When you already complete the all preparation steps, let’s start the painting. You can use spray paint on the bathtub use spray compressor to make a professional results. Then, wait around 15-20 minutes before spray another paint. This steps will evade popcorn effect on your background.

07. Drying Process

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After paint your bathtub, the next process is drying process. To make your bathtub dry, let it untouched until 48 hours for the perfect resulted.

08. Re-Install Bathtub Instrument

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When you already finished your bathtub treatment, The last steps is re-install all of useful instrument on your bathtub. Caulk the tub, let it 48 hours before using it again

In short, all of these steps above, will help you to create a good color transformation on your bathtub. Understanding the methods on how to refinish bathtub appearance will help you to complete that task without causing any further impact on bathtub and bathroom.

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