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Wants Moving To A Tiny House, Is It Worth?


Today tiny house became a new lifestyle in the most western world. Unlike the regular house that need enough space to build. Tiny House is a solution due the lack of space of living nowadays. There are two types of Tiny Houses that common in the United States are landed Tiny house and Recreational Vehicle “RV”.  Mostly people interest to move to Tiny to maintain their inner freedom soul. Small space also inspired people to live with less stuff. In the other hand, Tiny house is not easy to maintain. I would like to share some considerations for those who interest in Tiny house.


01. Small space needs a time to maintain the living space.

On the positive side, a house with less than 1000 square feet’s owner stated that small space is advantage for them. Because, they could keep the spaces clean. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages such as small space would be difficult to the visitors of the owner. Further, small space also creates a hard time for the hosts to find a space for their craft and cooking stuff.

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02. Small Space Would Force The Owner To Find An Alternative Space To Put Their Space.

The “space” is an influential factor on maintain a tiny house. Since, the inside space is limited. The tiny house often face a confusion maintain their stuff. Some of them deceive a way to put their stuff through create an extra space of their basement. Some others decide to use a quarter of the yard to put their stuff. Then, the rest of the owner decide to put less stuff on their home because they want a low maintain home.

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03. Differentiate Between The Living Space And Stuff Space

Since the space is limited, maintain the living space is hard to make it. Mainly for those who had a lot of stuff inside. Open floor is a solution to deceive the limited space. Further, some of the house owner also create built in storage instead of open floor to make more space.

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04. Tiny House Should Be Sun-in And Accessible

One of benefits of living in a small space of house is the whole house could get the natural sun lights inside. By reason of there is only a few space among windows and door of the house. In addition, having a tiny house also accessible to the out-world.

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05. Landed House or Recreational Vehicle?

The major problem on having a Tiny house is decided between landed tiny house and RV. Both of them have their own advantages. Keep in mind, landed tiny house would force the owner to think where should I put this house. Due that there are two suggestions such as buy the plot land or rent the plot land. Whether the owner choose to buy the plot land. It would cost them a lot. Therefore, they should have a deal with annual tax of payment. Then, it will be hard for the owner to maintain the costs to buy the land and to build the house.

In addition, for those who decide to take the recreational vehicle house or RV. The major problem is find a huge parking lot to put the RV, find a big enough vehicle to haul the houses. Organizing trailer licenses could take the house owner’s time.

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06.Tiny House Is Not Affordable Enough

Most people who interest in Tiny houses are people who thought that living and maintaining the living houses is less expensive than regular house. In fact, it can be baffle for anyone who had that mindset.

Maintaining the Tiny house could be more expensive than regular house. Due to a high quality material needs and any additional costs on plot land, linked licenses. Further, it is not impossible to build a tiny house in less costs. Reclaimed lumber and free material are the best solution to reduce the house costs. In order, choose to do their D.I.Y furniture from unused stuffs to reduce their costs.

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07. Consider About Family Size And Style Also Important.

Since, Tiny house have a limited space. Maintain the living space among the family member is not easy. According to U.S. news, most people of the United States needs at least 100 square feet per person. It is an effort to avoid lack of space and privation for all family members. Such as, teenagers need a space for their privacy and their friends who came over. Furthermore, parents also need a space for alone to stay up late and quality time. For couples, they need at least 320 square feet to build their offices. Don’t forget to provide a space for pets. Tiny house was not big enough to feed a pet. Thus, lack of space among them would increase a tension among family members.

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08. Remember Your own goal before On Moving to tiny house.

Sometimes, people who decide to move or buy a tiny house faced a dilemma on them. Due the lack of space would for them to prettify their house to make it interesting.  In the other hand, any costs that expenses to prettify the house could be higher than they expected. Thus, the writer suggests for those who interest to move to a tiny house. they need to marked their own goal to saving money to avoid any unexpected expenses.

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09. Don’t forget about the house’s safety and security.

Since tiny houses often placed in open land, they are susceptible to hit by any natural disaster like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.  Then, for RV any unexpected situation like shrinkage tires and towing out of highway.  For those who consider about Tiny house. They need to prepare any situation like that. So, instead of prettify their tiny house. Equipped the house with any security stuffs on their house through strengthen the house materials and prepare any emergency.

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10. Consider about any additional costs of daily utilities.

Any daily utilities water, electricity, internet access and sewage disposal could be hard to apply and build in a tiny house. Since, there are any requirements on minimum broad on land of living in National utilities administration.  Some owners who put their tiny house in a RV campground. They could access water, electricity, and sewage disposal to the RV Campground provider.

Therefore, the problem is whether the owner decide to put or build the RV on the private land. How will you handle sewage disposal, water, power and internet access? The writer mentioned that uses solar panels to generates electricity and composting toilet would be a great solution for reduce any expenses.



11. Try To Rent A Tiny House of Before You Buy.

Last, if you consider about moving to Tiny house. The writer suggests to you to try it before. There are a lot Rented Tiny House or RV in a various size across the country. Rent it to know how does it feel to live in a small house. Then, you may know how to personalize your house also.


Tiny house could be a solution on this modern living in the United States. Due to some rashness such as an easy treatment to keep it clean and easy to get natural lights compare to regular house. Therefore, have you done with some considerations above? What is your decision about Tiny house then ?.

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