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Warm and Homey Rustic Chic Living Room to Inspire You


Looking for such a warm and homey rustic chic living room? You’re in the right place. Inviting rustic design to your living room is not as complicated as you think. Plenty of home decor you can find. Especially, if you have an idea to DIY your living room decor. The characteristic of rustic decoration is aged, old-fashioned, and rugged. These following ideas can inspire you to create a warm and homey rustic chic living room. Let’s have a peek!

01. Rustic Furniture


Firstly, to invite a rustic feel into your living room, you should install rustic furniture. You can opt for a sofa bed, coffee table, cupboard, buffet, shelves and other furniture in rustic features. Usually, you will find a rugged texture and made of wood.

02. Greenery Season


Then, to create a rustic living room keeps on the pure rustic beauty. In this cozy living room, you can add natural touch by storing greenery like indoor plant or driedflower if you like. This could be very amusing.

03. Rustic White Decor


White is bright. Create a rustic chic in a living room can be done by decorating the room in a white tone. This light color can reflect any things in this place, its beauty, and space. Choose sofa bed in white or earthy color, wall decor, even you can throw a blanket on your sofa bed. All in white.

04. Modern Design


Then, if you want to mix modern design with a rustic-chic, you can opt for some furniture or decoration. For instance, this living room has a rustic feel that mix with modern rustic lamp. This standing rustic drum lamp is installed in a modern style.

05. Wood Parquet Flooring


For those who like wooden parquet, it can be a great idea to install this wooden parquet in your living room area. A combination of rustic design with wooden parquet flooring creates a warm and cozy feeling. It will give you something different in your living room. Besides, cover the floor with a rug, it’s optional for you to choose the rug.

06. An Old Chandelier


Do you need to light up your living room? Installing a rustic lamp in your living room can be done by opting for this old chandelier. This old chandelier can attract your living room. Install the lamp above the sofa bed.

07. An Old-Fashioned Table


Inviting rustic feel from this rustic table that rugged and aged. From this table, you can get a rustic chic. No need to stain the table up and let it in the natural color. The result is so fascinating and creates a great unity combined with the table.

Is it simple, right? You can make your living room in warm and homey rustic chic as stunning as you wish. Just go for it!

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