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Wood Storage Ideas You Will Love


Wood is one of the common materials used to make a piece of furniture. There are tons of types of wood you can find, softwoods, pine, cedar, fir, hardwoods, oak, ash, and beech. Wood is wood, it means it doesn’t transform into something else. There is a thing we often see and of course use made from wood. It’s storage.

Whether in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, even so, bathroom. We can use wood storage for any needs. For you who look for ideas about wood storage, here, I’ve prepared some wood storage special for you! Let’s jump!

01. Letter Wooden Box


First, it’s wooden letter storage. With a rustic look and combine with a modern design, it will be pretty wooden letter storage. You can DIY this letter storage using a wooden board. To get a more appealing look, stain the storage in natural color. Further, it’ll look more charming matched with buffalo tablecloth.

02. Storage for Your Kid’s Toys


Then, you don’t need to worry if your home looks so messy and cluttered from your kid’s toys. Solve this problem by using wooden storage. If you’re in a hurry, you can buy this storage in the furnishing store. Then, put the storage in your kid’s room. Wooden storage is durable, thus it is good for long-term usage.

03. Bookshelves


This bookshelf is looking rustic chic. No stain and just wood color. It includes a shelf and cabinetry, so, if you want to show off your book, you can use the shelf. Meanwhile, you can also hide your books using the cabinetry.

04. Shoes Storage from Crates


If you have unused crates, don’t throw it away. Use them to make such a useful thing to store your thing, like shoes. I like this idea. Then, you can put your shoes, boots or sneakers on it. Also, you can makeover them first before being used.

05. Hanging Bathroom Shelving


These hanging shelves are for your bathroom items. It’s so simple and easy to make. All you need to make these shelves is a wooden board. It consists of three-layer, so you can store some bathroom items on it.

06. Wooden Box For Your Collection


Looking charming from its natural look. These wooden boxes are for our collection. You can buy them in the furnishing store. It’s optional for you to store these wooden boxes. Whether in a living room or family room. Besides, you can put any fresh greenery on it, to get a natural touch.

07. Harvest-Groceries Storage


Where do you put your groceries and harvest besides in a fridge? Is it in your kitchen cabinet or just let them on your countertop? It’d make your kitchen area looks messy. So, to solve this problem use wooden storage to store them. You can build them by yourself during your holiday. Then, your kitchen will not look messy anymore.

08. Tupperware Storage with Dividers


For some housewives, it could be a problem when thinking of Tupperware’s storage. You can have this wooden storage to store your Tupperware. Further, it also eases you because it includes some dividers. Therefore, you can put your Tupperware appropriate with the size.

Finally, this storage could help you to store your needs neatly. Further, it’d also make your room looks organized.

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